Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eternal Optimists

I'm always amused by the condition reports at Hardwood Hills. I love skiiing there and the people are always great but to call the condition reports optimistic would be a gross understatement. I have a screen shot I grabbed from the live webcam this morning along with the report.

Now, it says that they did not groom last night due to warm weather and soft conditions, but they are open for classic and skate skiing today. This all makes sense but, the conditions are listed as wet snow while the picture on the cam shows full inches of standing water pretty much everywhere around the chalet.

I do believe that you might be better off with a snorkel and flippers than skiis and poles on a day like this. It looks like the season is done now as after a cold blip tomorrow, we are back up to double digit day time highs and positive night time lows. Bring on the bikes and boards - let the summer begin.

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