Friday, November 11, 2011

Head Mount v1.0

I am finding a bit of time to put into the light project and am working on various mounts for the lighting unit shown in the previous post. It is mostly just some time on Solidworks.

Here is a picture of the 3D model as it stands for now. The thin connecting parts are designed to flex and allow the mount to conform to the shape of ones cranium while still providing a solid and stable support for the light. We will see how well my guesses at thicknesses turn out and most likely need at least a version 2.0. I have uploaded it to Shapeways and will order once I have made a helmet and bar mount as well so I can save on shipping charges. The other mounts shouldn't take as much effort or time.

Here is another screen grab from the assembly model in Solidworks. All the detail has not been modelled on the light as it has so far not been necessary.

I will continue to post more as progress allows. I need to get out and ride my bike a bit more too before the snow flies.


  1. Awesome Trev! I am working on the schematics for the board right now, hopefully I can bang them out over the weekend. Psyched!

  2. Nice work TC, looks like a cool and different concept!