Saturday, November 5, 2011

Manufacturing Project

Here are a few shots of my current project where I get to exercise my brain. It is going to be a lighting system for biking and skiing. It will be completed in collaboration with brother Cam who is working on the electronics end.

The first shot shows the cooling area at the back and the LED cluster mounted in the recess without any optics other than just the clear acrylic cover for protection. All of the circumferential holes are just for lightening and hopefully they don't slow down heat transfer too much.

This next view shows the back with the lightening holes in the cooling fins and the front with the 18 deg. spread lens in place behind the acrylic cover. The screw sticking radially out the side will be for mounting the unit to a helmet or bar mount.

The overall dimensions are 30 mm in diameter and a little less than that in length. In operation so far it gets too hot to hold but not too hot to touch. I think that it is not yet working at full power as the voltage of my packs is a little less than ideal for the buck puck regulator that I am using. Anyway further updates will come as advances warrant...


  1. That looks so awesome Trevo! I'm stoked to see the final product!

  2. Wow, that looks classy!!! Are the photos taken on your new hardwood floors? :-)