Friday, November 4, 2011

Lookout Bambi!

This is just to show a few photos of the mountain bike transporter (my car) after an early morning run in with a deer.

Tuesday morning last week under the growing glow in the eastern sky on a dark country road south of Barrie, I had a deer run out in front of the car from the left. I managed to slow before an unavoidable impact that sent the deer off to the right towards the ditch. It was a real surprise that initially left me wondering if it had indeed occurred. After a couple hundred metres, my buckled hood confirmed my suspicions and I pulled over in the darkness. While the damage was extensive, there was no rad fluid leaking so I carried on to school and then later drove the car back to Barrie to a local body shop. There was no sign of the deer other than the hair left on my license plate holder so it's fate remains unknown.

$5600 later I am due to get the car back tomorrow. That will be great as I surely miss the hatch back and bike rack. The Hyundai Sonata that I got as a rental was okay but not to my bike related tastes. The trunk would barely hold a fully dissambled hard tail. - Weak sauce...

Below are a couple pictures showing the front end damage.

At least it enabled nice easy access to fill the wiper fluid.

That there be deer hair...

Maybe through some miracle the deer made it out alright but I suspect otherwise. In any case my advice would be to avoid large mammals when piloting a motor vehicle as they can do some real damage.

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  1. Whoa that's crazy TC! Glad you're ok and hopefully the deer is in a hospital recuperating.